Massage Services with Prices

We currently dont have a massage therapist employed at this time.  We apologize for the inconvience this and hope to find someone soon.  Thank you for your patience


A brief going over of back and neck muscles.  Sometimes alleviates minor headaches and mental stress from a busy day.  This is done in a uniquely designed chair that adjusts to ones height with clothes on.

15 or 30 minutes --------$1 per minute


This type of massage focuses on long flowing strokes.  This helps the body to flush toxins.  This technique allows for mental relaxation, as well as physical.  Some massage therapists will use a lot of kneading strokes of the muscles to assist with strengthening and flushing of those muscles

30 minutes ----------------------------$45

60 minutes ---------------------------$70

90 minutes ---------------------------$90


Classified as moving a muscle over the bone.  Often very short, deep strokes.  This type of massage can cause some discomfort and soreness.  On occasion, one may experience bruising  (although avoided as much as possible).  Some times this is done as a focus.

30 minutes ----------------------------$55

60 minutes ----------------------------$85

90 minutes --------------------------$100



This massage is done with a table with holes cut out for belly, breasts, and face.  In some cases the massage is done side lying with bolsters and wedges for comfort. (Sharon only does side lying).  Deep tissue can be damaging to mother or fetus.  Usually, lots of kneading and flowing strokes are tone with focus on the hips to alleviate stress and strain.

30 minutes --------------------------$50

60 minutes --------------------------$80

90 minutes -------------------------$100


Multi-modality, including deep tissue and reflexology techniques for the feet

2 hours-------------------------------$135



This is a deeper, more aggressive technique, focusing on an area that an athlete is having a difficult time with, such as a leg, rotator cuff, upper back/neck, etc.  In some cases flushing and kneading are used to rid the area of lactic acid.

30 minutes----------------------------$45

60 minutes ---------------------------$70

90 minutes ---------------------------$90


Hot stone therapy provides a deep warm nurturing massage that is applied with smooth river rocks to relieve sore and tense muscles.  Warm stones are placed along your spine and on the chakra centers of the body

Stones added-------------------------$10